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ILevel Installation: Wall-to-Wall Artwork

As far as gallery walls go, this next project was larger and more unique than most. The client had a collection of pink “tiles,” that they wanted hung across the length of two intersecting walls. Luckily for us, the wall-to-wall artwork was actually made of cardboard, something that simplified the process a bit.

The challenge, then, came not in the installing, but in the arranging. Because the tiles had such a linear, geometric design, we wanted the arrangement to be neat and deliberate. Which meant carefully laying out and rearranging the collection until we had just the right setup. To further emphasize the geometry of the arrangement, each tile has the exact amount of space surrounding it. 

  wall to wall art

Need help hanging pictures, art, cardboard tiles on your walls? Get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz, or visit our studio space at 37 E. 7th St. in Manhattan.


A Whimsical Girl’s Room Design

Children’s rooms are places of comfort and rest, but also of imagination and play. While it can be tough to decorate a space that perfectly encapsulates and promotes each of these uses, we recently worked on a bedroom design that did just that. This beautiful girl’s room design was soft and light, fun and restful all at once. 

girl's room wall art - ILevel NYC

The foundation for the design was the beautiful mural of clouds and doves on the ceiling — the colors and sense of whimsy drove the feel for the rest of the space including the palette, textiles and decor. The remainder of the room was kept fairly neutral, with pastel accent hues, and a focus on texture instead of pattern, in order let the ceiling shine. 

The wall art, which we installed above a daybed, added to the youthful feeling of the room. It was a mixture of all of the things the lucky occupant loved: books, and places, and animals, but it was all tied together with a common pastel color palette and suite of white-on-white gallery frames. The variety in frame size and the imperfect borders of the arrangement create a gallery that’s fun, not formal.

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ILevel Staff Art Show: Artist Chris Deo

Today marks the opening of our staff art show, Finding Center, taking place at our studio through March 31, 2017. In honor of the exhibition (which is curated entirely from the works of our talented team members) we’re highlighting the work of one of our on-staff artists, Chris Deo. (And check out last week’s interview with Jack Stadtlander, here.)

ilevel art installation -artist chris deo

What sort of art do you create?

I’m currently working in several modes of materiality and degrees of representation. My goal is to generate small collections of works that explore the aesthetic of a “salon” or “vignette” as not only a curated outcome but also a generative conceptual approach to making work.

How long have you been doing it?

I’ve actively had a studio practice for 15 or so years. Including my graduate studies is painting at the University of Minnesota. Although I’ve been working in the above mentioned mode for much longer than I realized, I have been narrowing my focus on what it currently is for only the last year or so.

What pieces are you showing in the ILevel art show? 

I made a very small collection of images (pictured above). I’ve titled each but am still working to determine how aggressively I want to classify or conceptualize the group. Currently, titling is very secondary and merely a descriptive device.

To see more work by Chris Deo and the rest of our skilled staff, stop by “Finding Center” at 37 E. 7th St. in Manhattan.