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Why We Still Love Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the home decor trend that keeps on giving. While we’ve been hanging art gallery-style since we opened ILevel, it became a major trend six or seven years ago and a good portion of our work became installing arrangements of 5-10 smaller pieces instead of hanging a singular large piece or a diptych or triptych. Since then, the popularity of gallery walls hasn’t waned a bit, and that’s OK with us. Here’s why we still love gallery walls (illustrated with photos of gallery walls we’ve hung just in the last few weeks!). 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re personal. 

While a singular piece of art can certainly be personal, a gallery wall can almost become a collage of stories. Maybe there’s a piece you found on a trip to Paris hanging next to a flea-market find and a doodle drawn by your kids. Or maybe you collect black and white photography and can display your entire collection together at once. Plus, besides just the art you choose, you can also tailor the layout itself to your style, whether it’s classic and symmetrical, or abstract and eclectic. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re dynamic. 

With a gallery wall, you have the option to change out your art as you feel like it. If a certain piece no longer speaks to you, you can simply swap it out for something you like more. You can also add to it as you bring new works into your collection. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re easy. 

If you have an expanse of wall that needs some art, no matter how small or large or narrow, you can almost certainly find a gallery wall arrangement that will work for it, and pretty easily at that. The search for a singular, large piece of art to perfectly fit that same space, however, might takes months (or longer) to track down. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

Have a gallery wall to install? Get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz





A Whimsical Girl’s Room Design

Children’s rooms are places of comfort and rest, but also of imagination and play. While it can be tough to decorate a space that perfectly encapsulates and promotes each of these uses, we recently worked on a bedroom design that did just that. This beautiful girl’s room design was soft and light, fun and restful all at once. 

girl's room wall art - ILevel NYC

The foundation for the design was the beautiful mural of clouds and doves on the ceiling — the colors and sense of whimsy drove the feel for the rest of the space including the palette, textiles and decor. The remainder of the room was kept fairly neutral, with pastel accent hues, and a focus on texture instead of pattern, in order let the ceiling shine. 

The wall art, which we installed above a daybed, added to the youthful feeling of the room. It was a mixture of all of the things the lucky occupant loved: books, and places, and animals, but it was all tied together with a common pastel color palette and suite of white-on-white gallery frames. The variety in frame size and the imperfect borders of the arrangement create a gallery that’s fun, not formal.

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Hanging Art in a Perfect Circle

As professional art installers, hanging complicated wall art is actually a lot of fun for us. It presents a challenge outside of the everyday, and it’s exciting to come up with a solution that works, and have a satisfied client at the end of it all.

This next project certainly falls into the category of “complicated wall art” installations. Not that it was an impossible job, it just required a little more care and precision than if we were hanging a few family photos. Why? Because the singular art piece in question was actually made up of more than two dozen different pieces of plexiglass. Plus, the shape of the piece was a perfect circle, meaning not only did each piece have to be exactly spaced and level, but when finished, the entire work as a whole had to be just the right shape.

Here’s a visual overview of how it happened.

wall art hanging New York
First, we laid the work out on the floor to measure it and get a sense of the spacing between each piece. We worked off of the floor arrangement segment-by-segment. 

Then we marked the outer borders of the circle on the wall, and then used a level and tape measure to hang the mural on piece at a time. 

The process was actually simple, but it was just a little more time consuming than a standard installation given the importance of precise spacing. 

In the end, the time and effort was worth it: This piece completely reinvents the all-white staircase where it’s hung.