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Unique Wall Art Ideas that Aren’t Actually Art

Wall art in the traditional sense–like paintings, drawings and photography–doesn’t speak to everybody. If you’ve lived in a house with bare walls for months (or even years) because you just can’t seem to find the right artwork to hang, then you may very well be someone who isn’t drawn to two-dimensional representations.

And that’s OK.

Home decorating is an incredibly personal experience because you’re essentially deciding what you want to live with and look at every single day, and there’s no need to buy art simply because you feel like that’s what should go on your walls.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with sterile bare walls either. More and more often, our clients are choosing to hang up beautiful objects, personal memorabilia, or prized collections instead, as a way to be surrounded by things that really matter to them or that they find inspiring to look at.

So what can you hang on your walls? Here are a few examples of unique wall art ideas from our recent client projects that aren’t actually art, yet make a beautiful and personal displays regardless.

A client turned a collection of large weather instruments into an original, graphic display above a sofa.

unique wall art ideas

Or, how about classic Pop Art (Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans) printed on skateboards? 

Finally, a musical client chose to display a collection of antique instruments in a small wall space near a window. 

unique wall art ideas

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Or, visit our ILevel Studio page to see our selection of pre-curated art and object collections available for purchase. 


The Dos and Dont’s of Hanging Art On a Wall With Wallpaper

After a few decades spent sentenced as a decorating faux pax and the stamp of a dated home, wallpaper has made a comeback in a big way over the last few years. We’ve seen it in all styles — from large scale geometrics, to dainty toilles and everything in between. While we love that wallpaper is in style again, it can present some challenges when choosing art to hang over it. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind, plus a few rules about what not to do, AKA “the dos and don’ts of hanging art on a wall with wallpaper.”

1. DO choose art in the same style as your wallpaper. This room works because both the art and the wallpaper have a traditional, historic feel, which results in a cohesive look. 

hanging art over wallpaper

2. DON’T just wing it. Considered art placement is even more important when hanging art over wallpaper. Make sure you have a place for where your art will go before you start nailing — if you don’t like where the pieces end up, it’s difficult to re-arrange without having to redo your wallpaper, too.

3. DO go for a neat arrangement. While we’re all for the eclectic, a little bit of everything gallery wall, it’s important to keep your artwork neat when you’re hanging art on wallpaper, or you risk a result that looks messy and accidental. 

4. DON’T forget about scale. Art that is the same scale as your wallpaper might get lost on the wall. Create contrast, and a distinct separation between your art and wallpaper by varying the scale of the two. Small scale wallpaper should mean large-scale art, and vice versa. 

Happy Hanging! 


Unique Ideas for Creating a Salon Wall

We’re constantly blown away by the creativity of some of our clients–be they interior designers, corporations or individuals. Some of the ideas they come up with for wall art or arrangements are just so original and creative–things we never would have thought of hanging on a wall become art with the right eye.

Here are some unique ideas for creating a salon wall that will hopefully inspire you to get creative with your wall art.

If you’ve got an empty spot on your wall and you’re not sure what to fill it with, look around the house…you might find a collection worthy of display. We were impressed with this salon style arrangement of antique stove top burners. Grouped together, they form a graphic but simple focal point.

ideas for creating a salon wall antique stove top decor

Another great idea we recently came across: vintage game boards hung in a gallery-style arrangement. Use game boards of your own (vintage or otherwise), to create unique wall art in a child’s room or play room. This idea could also work with book covers. ideas for creating a salon wall - hanging gameboards on a wall

When it comes to ideas for creating a salon wall, what we’ve learned from our clients is not to see the potential that virtually any object (or collection of objects) has to become art. If you have something you love, or something you think is beautiful–as odd as it is–why not try hanging it on your wall? It could be exactly the personal touch your room needs. Need help hanging a collection? Just want to talk through an idea? Contact us today for a consultation.