3 Important Tips for Hanging Art on a Stairway

hanging art on a stairway

Stairways are one of the greatest spots in a home to hang art. They offer plenty of wall space, and creative freedom in spades, since there’s no need to consider furniture placement, or color scheme, or whether or not the pieces you choose to hang will compete with the window curtains or sofa fabric.

However, actually creating a wall art arrangement on a stairway is easier said than done, especially if you are considering a gallery-style arrangement.

So, to help make the process more manageable, we asked our expert installers to offer their best pieces of advice for hanging art on a stairway. Here’s what they had to say.

1.  To give yourself a guideline to work from, “Measure 60 inches up to the center of artwork from each stair tread.  To account for volume, place artworks every other stair tread and adjust overall arrangement according to artwork size and length of stairs.” – Lyle

2. “Stairwells are more difficult to layout than a normal wall because of the angle. The best way is to start is to lay the artworks on the ground in an arrangement you like. The angle will not be exact, so as you put up each few piece, adjust accordingly. Try and make sure the bottom line of the arrangement follows the grade of the stairwell.” – Alan

3. “The easiest way to think of it is that each picture should be at a comfortable viewing height as you step in front of it. Also, large horizontal pictures tend to not work well.” -Scott

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