3 Tips for Creating a Cohesive Gallery Wall

One of the reasons gallery walls have become such a popular trend in home decor is because they work well with all different kinds of pictures and art, and even objects or sculpture. Still, regardless of whether you imagine a wall with a theme, or one that’s more eclectic, gallery walls have the greatest impact and look the best when thought is given to creating a unified end result. Here, three of our tips for ending up with a cohesive gallery wall.

1. Choose frames all in one color. Say you want to hang black-and-white family photos, colorful contemporary art, and vintage ads from old magazines all on one wall, but you’re worried about it looking mismatched or random. By placing each piece in the same color frame, you can achieve a unified look no matter what’s inside the frames. Choosing frames all in one color also makes it easy to add to the wall later on.
gallery wall with white frames
2. Pay attention to spacing and size. If you’re not as concerned with a “polished” look and like a more eclectic feel, you can still ensure your wall looks cohesive by creating balance in your arrangement. Do this by evenly distributing the larger and smaller pieces.  If you have three large pieces, hang on in the center, and one on each side, making sure that there is also even distribution from the top to the bottom of the gallery area, too, so the wall doesn’t look top- or bottom-heavy. Spacing all of the photos evenly will also help achieve a balanced look.
eclectic gallery wall stairs
3. Create alignment. The last way to make sure your gallery wall looks planned and professional is to align all of the pieces at the top or the bottom of the arrangement. Depending on the dimensions and location of your space, you can also align the frames to the left or right border, gallery wall