3 Easy Ways to Create a Cohesive Art Collection If You’re Not an Art Expert

For some, creating an art collection is a passion that involves scouring galleries and researching artists and hitting the art fair circuits in order to find just the right pieces to display on their walls.

But what if you’re not an avid art historian or knowledgeable collector? What if you’re simply looking for beautiful images to decorate your home with and you want to know how to build an assortment that’s complimentary and cohesive? If you associate more with the latter, then it’s often the best and easiest approach to simply lead with your intuition and what you love, whether it’s a pricey work purchased at auction, a print from a big box store, a drawing by your eight year old, or a photograph you took yourself … simply keep in mind one of these four elements that will automatically tie your art collection together and make it feel cohesive.

Media, color, and frame tie this collection together.
Media, color, and frame tie this collection together.

  1. Medium. Choosing works in the same medium–be it acrylic paint on canvas, black and white photography, or works on paper–is an easy common thread that can transform otherwise dissimilar pieces into an actual collection.
  2. Style. If you prefer art in a variety of media, try sticking to an art style or period instead, building an assortment of modern art, realist works, or impressionist pieces.
  3. Color. Planning to create a gallery wall? Color is a great unifier that allows for a ton of creative expression in the assortment of art you choose. Take a cue from your decor when deciding on a color palette, using an accent hue from a textile or a tone that’s complimentary to your wall color as inspiration.
  4. Frame. If your collection is truly made up of a little of this and a little of that, try using similar frames to display each piece–it can be all you need to create visual unity.

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