5 Creative Ways To Arrange Wall Art

When it comes to arranging wall art, most people tend to go with the most popular option: nailing it to the wall. While this might be the most logical and popular solution, it’s not necessarily the only one, or the best one. There are plenty of creative ways to arrange wall art if you actually step back and consider the possibilities.
hanging art on a door
Hang it behind a door. That’s right: you can hang art on a door. In a small space, a door might make up a third or more of your wall space, so why not take advantage of it? Hang a singular piece on the back of the door (just make sure you tack down the top and bottom edges so it doesn’t bounce when the door is opened and closed), or make it a part of a larger gallery wall.
Hang it in front of a window. While floor-to-ceiling windows are certainly an asset to any home (especially in New York), they can also leave you with a limited amount of room to display wall art … unless you hang your art in front of the windows. Use a cable systems to suspend your works from the ceiling, or art stands to prop it up.

Image via Lonny
Image via Lonny

Hang it on a bookshelf. Turn your bookshelves into a display case by hanging art on the front of the shelves.
Image via One King's Lane
Image via One King’s Lane

Hang it on a picture rail. A picture rail is not only a beautiful option, but a practical one if you like to switch up the look of your home often. Art hung from a picture rail is easy to rearrange or swap out without worrying about ruining your walls with nail holes. Try it with a family photo wall to keep the pictures current.
hanging art from a cable system
Hang it from the ceiling. For a unique look that especially complements contemporary art, try suspending pieces from a cable system attached to the ceiling. This works best for fewer, larger pieces.

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