7 Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas

Art is typically thought of as an investment piece — something that’s expensive, high-quality, and meant to last a lifetime. While it’s wonderful to be able to collect one-of-a-kind works, not everyone can afford the high price tag that can  come with them. And even those that do own extensive art collections often need filler pieces.

So where do you find wall art that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Plenty of places. All it takes is a little creativity to find or create beautiful pieces for your walls.

Get in touch with your artistic side and save $3000 on this Dwell Studio painting.
Get in touch with your artistic side and save $3000 on this Dwell Studio painting.

  1. Buy an art book. Even replica prints of famous artworks can go for hundreds of dollars. For an inexpensive alternative that will give you enough pictures to decorate your entire home, buy an art book with images you love. Then, simply tear them out and frame them.
  2. Look on Etsy. Etsy offers work from thousands of artisans, spanning all genres and price points. Many times, it’s possible to find items similar to those sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars at a fraction of the price. There are even artists who sell PDF files of their work for as little as $5, which you can then send to a printer or print at home.
  3. Head to the flea market. Vintage art, books, postcards, and photographs all make for original, inexpensive art when framed. Look for pieces you can mix in with works you already own to create an eclectic, personal vibe.
  4. Try DIY. There are thousands of wall art tutorials on blogs and sites like Pinterest, many of which take as little as 15 minutes and minimal skill. Or, attempt to recreate a piece you love on your own. The abstract-geometric art trend, which can be found in mass market retailers like West Elm and at Dwell Studio selling for hundreds of dollars can easily be recreated with a canvas and a tube of acrylic paint.
  5. Look to textiles. Textiles are often works of art in and of themselves. Search for a designer print you love–a few of our favorite design houses include Schumacher, Scalamandre, and Thibault–and order a swatch or a half a yard (you can often place small orders through Etsy dealers or a local fabric store), then frame it.
  6. Or wallpaper. Even more inexpensive than textiles? Designer wallpaper. Frame a few complimentary designs and sprinkle them through a gallery wall among other art and photos.
  7. Frame mementos. This is an especially fun approach for a child’s room or family room. Frame mementos – like a first handprint, a swatch from a baby blanket, or a wedding invitation to create a personal display.

Have a creative, inexpensive ideas for wall art? Share it below!