8 Gorgeous Gallery Walls From Our Recent Clients

A few months ago, we talked about how we still haven’t gotten sick of the gallery wall. How, every time we hang one if one of our client’s homes, office spaces, or shops, it has a unique and personal look. It’s one of the things we love most about this photo arranging style and why we don’t think we’ll ever tire of it (or stop getting requests for it).

Further proof of just how diverse and beautiful gallery walls can be? These are some of the arrangements we’ve done for clients in the last few weeks alone.

This chic display reflects the contemporary feel of the client’s Manhattan apartment. Note the asymmetrical arrangement, which adds to the modern feel.
gallery wall ideas
On the opposite end of the style spectrum sits this perfectly arranged assortment of Playbills.
gallery wall ideas
Here, the variety of art included in this gallery wall is tied together by white frames and mats.
gallery wall ideas
This next photo mixes styles of art, frames, and media, proving one of the best things about gallery walls: there are no rules.
gallery wall ideas
One of our all-time favorite types of project: The family photo wall.
family photo gallery wall
We love how these photos pop against a jet-black wall.

Here, a simple arrangement mixes a series of drawings in with the rest of the homeowner’s art collection.

Finally, another example of a family photo wall, this time done in color with all-white gallery frames and mats.

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