ILevel Art Installation Projects – April Edition

There’s never a dull moment at ILevel (see proof below), and today we’re sharing photos of some of the most remarkable art installation projects we’ve completed this month. Our designer/installers are always up for challenges that require creative problem-solving, a designer’s eye, and meticulous technical expertise. Below are some examples of projects that highlight this rare combination of skills.

Chelsea Doors @ Ricco/Maresca Gallery
Earlier this month, ILevel installed the Chelsea Doors exhibit at Ricco/Maresca Gallery. The doors, which are white-washed, worn, and graffitied, are iconic objects because of the famous musicians, authors, and artists who lived behind them. ILevel suspended the large wooden doors from the ceiling by wire, giving the impression that you could knock and someone might answer. Salvaged by a former resident, the doors were auctioned on April 12th at Ricco/Maresca Gallery and some of the proceeds from the $400,000 sale went to City Harvest. The door to room 211 where Bob Dylan wrote Blonde on Blonde sold for a whopping $100,000. You can read more about the doors and this installation here.

Stunning Stairwell Installation

Installing these four large pieces in this curved, multi-story stairway is one of those design/installation challenges that the men from ILevel live for. This job required design sense, technical skill, safe art handling techniques, and teamwork.

Eclectic Salon Arrangement

ILevel arranges and installs many salon walls in the course of a month, and many stand out as works of art themselves, walls you just can’t look away from. This arrangement includes something for everyone, from plates to antlers, and portraits to seascapes. The objects appear to having nothing in common with each other, but somehow when put together in this particular way, it works beautifully.

Blown Glass Mirrored Globe Installation for Drake/Anderson

This ILevel team hung a wall of blown glass mirrored globes in the model apartment at the Architectural Digest Design Show in March. Mirrored balls were once known as “butler balls” as they could be placed on a dining room sideboard to alert servers outside the room when service was required. Also known as gazing balls, these delicate globes are said to be the inspiration for glass baubles being used as Christmas tree decorations. This contemporary arrangement brings a merry, stylish feel to this room.

Sign Installation

And finally, proof that there really is never a dull moment in the life of a New York City professional art installation company. ILevel installed this sign in a corporate lobby.

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