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5 New York City Art Events to Catch in August

The dog days of summer have descended upon New York City, and one of our favorite places to flee while we wait for boot weather is Manhattan’s (mostly air-conditioned) galleries and museums. This month, there’s plenty to do and see on the art scene, but here are a few shows we’re looking forward to most. 

A photo by Frank Paulin. Image courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery. 

The Curator’s Eggs at Paul Kasmin Gallery
This is one you will not want to miss. Paul Kasmin Gallery hosts 13 artists’ pieces in this exhibition focused on artists who use art as their voice. Mediums range per artist, making it an even more interesting show to see. Each featured piece aims to provoke inspiration, conversation, and new ways of thinking. This collection will only be open until the 18th of August, so don’t delay.

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New York, The Early Years: Photographs by Frank Paulin at Bruce Silverstein Gallery
Open now through the first of September, this somber and romantic display of black and white photographs by Frank Paulin is a must-see. Most of the photos taken in the 1950s give perspective to a seemingly simpler time in the city that, even then, never slept. This exhibit is an online exhibition and prices for each photograph by Paulin are available by request.

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Pinot Pinelli: PITTURA at De Buck Gallery
Taking primary colored cues from the classics like Piet Mondrian, Pinot Pinelli’s minimalist exhibit is sure to please fans of both the classics and modern art. Pinelli is unafraid to play with texture while maintaining simplicity with this series of paintings. This exhibit is open now through the 25th of the month, so hurry in. you won’t want to miss it.

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RYB: Mary Heilmann Paintings, 1975-78 at Craig F. Starr Gallery
Heilmann has been enchanting art fans for years with her colorful and contemporary works of art. This exhibit, taking place at the Craig F. Starr Gallery, showcases paintings from the 1970s gives off the aura of Heilmann’s work while still channeling the feelings of the times. Open now through the end of October.

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13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair at the Queens Museum
This month is one of the last months to catch this historically significant and iconic exhibit. The initial reveal of this piece featuring 13 mugshots of wanted men was considered a scandal to be covered up—literally. Fifty years later, however, we use these mugshots of infamous men to celebrate the essence and rebellion of the icon that is Warhol.

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Our Favorite Family Photo Walls

Family photo walls are one of our favorite projects to work on (and they also happen to be something we specialize in). We love helping families curate a daily reminder of their favorite memories, while also creating a beautiful display. Throughout the years we’ve built family photo walls in all sorts of styles, from colorful and casual, to tightly curated and gallery-like. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your family photo wall, take a cue from some of our favorite projects from the past. 

A breakfast nook doesn’t get much more cheerful than a bright orange banquette and the shining faces of your family through the years.

family photo walls

Here, a selection of black and white photography in black and white frames creates an elegant display on a staircase. 

family photo walls  

This client turned a hallway into a gallery of family history. The photos, in both color and black and white, are given a cohesive feel with matching white frames. 

This arrangement is similar to the one above, but mats were added for a fine-art feel. 

family photo walls  

One of our favorite ways to add personality and fun to family photo walls? Include children’s artwork in the mix, like in this gallery below. 

 family photo walls

For a sleek and modern style, this client chose to hang black and white photography against a black wall. 

family photo walls

Need help creating a custom photo wall for your family? Find out more about our family photo wall services here


A Real Hunt Slonem Bunny Wall

If you’re a design enthusiast (or even simply follow any sort of interior design media on Instagram), there’s a good chance you’ve seen Hunt Slonem’s work. The New York City-based expressionist has always had a large following, especially for his animal-themed works. But recently, his paintings of one animal in particular have thrown him into a more mainstream consciousness: Bunnies. Hunt Slonem’s “Bunnies” series includes simple bunny outlines done in oil paint in myriad pastels and black-and-white, usually mounted in antique frames. 

Collecting these paintings and turning them into a themed gallery-wall is now officially a design trend, sparked in part by Slonem’s partnership with Groundworks, which created a “Bunny Wall” paper out of his prints. We recently had the pleasure of installing an actual Bunny gallery wall at a client’s home in New York City.  The contrast between the colorful prints and the wood-and-leather walls made a striking statement. 

hunt slonem bunnies hunt slonem bunnies

Here are a few other examples of beautiful “Bunny” walls we’ve spotted recently. 

A Bunny wall in the Wall Street Journal. 

Prefer a simpler look? We love the restraint look of this singular black and white Bunny in a room in California. 

Image via Madison Gallery

Original works don’t come cheap (each “Bunny” print starts at around $5,000), but you can also get the Bunny Wall look on a budget with the Groundworks paper (priced at around $200-$300 per roll), as seen in these rooms by Donna Mondi (top) and Jamie House Design.

donna mondi - hunt slonem bunnies

Love Hunt Slonem’s Bunnies? Here are a few places we’ve found them available:

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And shop the wallpaper here:

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