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ILevel’s Exceptional Customer Service

Everyone loves action shots of ILevel’s professional art installers hard at work. This photo captures our zeal for exceptional customer service. While this moose is being securely installed to the wall by one ILevel designer, there’s someone else on hand to feed the beast. Seriously, our clients call on us for all sorts of art installation projects from working with posters to prints, and we enjoy them all. But hanging the occasional moose head definitely keeps things interesting.

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The Magic of Hiring a Professional Picture Hanging Company

You’ve got 30 photos lying about your apartment. Some on the floor, some propped up against the walls, a few you’ve tried to hang yourself with less than perfect success. You’ve got better things to do than struggle with a drill, hammer, and level. What you really want is for those photos to magically fly onto the wall in a perfect arrangement that is properly and securely installed. 

So you decide to hire a professional art hanging service, specifically ILevel, because you know they’ll get the job done quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. And since it’s the holiday season and magic really does happen, you come home one day to find the project finished and looking amazing. Then you realize the best part of working with a professional picture hanging company is the surprise and delight you feel when the project is done. And you happily gush on the voicemail of your genius professional art installer.


*actual transcription of a voicemail message from a highly satisfied ILevel customer.


ILevel’s Tips for Hanging Artwork, in the Washington Post

It was a banner week for ILevel in the press as everyone seemed to want our advice about picture hanging. On Monday, ILevel was featured in this New York Times article about salon installations.

On Tuesday, ILevel founder David Kassel was featured in this Washington Post article about decorating mistakes. David talks about the need to overcome your fear of mistakes when hanging your art. Don’t let the fear of holes in your walls hold you back from hanging your pieces, as most holes can be patched or covered by the artwork itself. David also offers tips for art placement, specifically when to and when not to hang your art at eye level. 

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