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The Most Original Wall Art We’ve Ever Hung

We’ve hung thousands of works of art over the years, but some works and arrangements have stuck with us because of their originality, beauty, or just plain strangeness. If you’re looking for inspiration for what to put up on your walls, take a creative cue from this list of the most original wall art we’ve ever hung.

original wall art

Three-dimensional wall art always adds an extra-special element of interest to a room, but this swirling, life-size piece is one of the best examples we’ve seen.

original wall art

In this home, we meticulously hung rings that resembled Life Savers candies in neat rows to create a graphic, and indisputably original wall art arrangement. 

original wall art

It can be hard to find a different way to express a decor theme that’s as ubiquitous as “nautical,” but these ships’ wheels strung from a ceiling is one way to do it. 

original wall art

This space, designed by Eric Cohler, was one of the grandest and most beautiful we’ve worked in, only partially attributed to the wall art hung in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

original wall art

While the wall art itself isn’t entirely one-of-a-kind, it’s the juxtaposition against bold floral wallpaper here that makes this art arrangement so special. 

original wall art

Who says you have to have all four corners of your wall art on the wall? This perpendicular arrangement adds depth and interest to simple pieces. 



How to Hang Instruments on a Wall

Hanging instruments on the wall can be a practical storage solution, a unique take on wall art, or both at once. There are a number of ways to hang instruments on a wall depending on their purpose. Here’s an overview of the most common solutions, from ILevel’s expert staff.

Before you hang your instruments on the wall, it’s wise to first ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they need to be accessible for use?
  • Are they valuable collectibles?
  • Are they primarily decorative?

If your instruments need to be accessible, then the layout needs to look good, but also allow you to easily remove one or more instruments at the same time without affecting the others. Valuable instruments or collectibles means that the hardware shouldn’t be able to damage the surface or integrity of the instrument.

How to Hang Instruments on a Wall When They’re for Playing

Guitars are probably the most common instrument our clients ask us to hang, as many guitarists have multiple guitars for different sounds and need them all to be easily accessible. In these cases, the best option is to hang guitars with commercially available guitar brackets like the ones pictured below. They are available with padded, flexible arms that can be adjusted to different shaped instruments. This type of bracket is also available for brass instruments, string instruments, etc.

hanging instruments on a wall

Hanging Collectible Instruments on a Wall

Collectible instruments (not for playing) are often framed before hanging, which protect them from damage and reduces the need for cleaning, like the autographed Coldplay guitar below.

For oddly shaped antique instruments, tribal instruments, and the like, custom wall-mount armatures or tabletop display stands can be made, or they can also be framed, or displayed in an acrylic pedestal vitrine as they would in a museum.

For both methods of hanging instruments on the wall, the tools required are fairly standard.

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Blue tape
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Paint markers or wall paint to change the color of any unsightly hardware

For more help with hanging instruments or any other sort of art or objects, get in touch with us at info@ilevel.biz. 


Unique Wall Art Ideas that Aren’t Actually Art

Wall art in the traditional sense–like paintings, drawings and photography–doesn’t speak to everybody. If you’ve lived in a house with bare walls for months (or even years) because you just can’t seem to find the right artwork to hang, then you may very well be someone who isn’t drawn to two-dimensional representations.

And that’s OK.

Home decorating is an incredibly personal experience because you’re essentially deciding what you want to live with and look at every single day, and there’s no need to buy art simply because you feel like that’s what should go on your walls.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with sterile bare walls either. More and more often, our clients are choosing to hang up beautiful objects, personal memorabilia, or prized collections instead, as a way to be surrounded by things that really matter to them or that they find inspiring to look at.

So what can you hang on your walls? Here are a few examples of unique wall art ideas from our recent client projects that aren’t actually art, yet make a beautiful and personal displays regardless.

A client turned a collection of large weather instruments into an original, graphic display above a sofa.

unique wall art ideas

Or, how about classic Pop Art (Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans) printed on skateboards? 

Finally, a musical client chose to display a collection of antique instruments in a small wall space near a window. 

unique wall art ideas

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