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Perfect Picture Hanging Turns a House into a Home

Many ILevel clients come to us having just finished renovating a home or moving into a new place. We are often the last people on the scene, adding the final touches to a renovation or move. We’ve been told that after we’ve provided our professional art installation services a new space truly feels like home. Here’s how we’ve worked with clients in recent days to bring a warm, personal feeling to living spaces through art placement and installation.

Salon Walls With Variety

Salon walls are expressions of our experiences and tastes, and they are a great way to make a room feel uniquely ours. When viewed individually the pieces in the salon below might not feel related. ILevel’s designer/installers created this salon wall to bring all of the pieces together in a cohesive and striking arrangement that feels like it could only belong in this room. 











Salon Walls with a Theme

Deconstructed, brilliant orange Gracie wallpaper makes a statement in this themed salon installation. Choosing related images for a salon wall instantly creates a unified look. The images on each panel and their arrangement draw you in, a bit like a puzzle that you can endlessly rearrange in your mind.











Unique Pieces 

What you to choose to put on your walls says a lot about you. ILevel recently installed this Paul Vallinksy sculpture in a client’s home. This kaleidoscope of butterflies, made from aluminum (found cans) and wire, is an example of a piece that adds a finishing touch to this space, in addition to beauty, whimsy, and a wish for flight.















Family Photo Walls

Few art installations are more personal than family photo walls, and this one is a gorgeous example. The eclectic mix of frames and frame sizes winds up this staircase and around the arched window telling the story of this family.












Art in Every Room

Spaces like game rooms and bathrooms are sometimes overlooked when it comes to art installation. This light, modern space is perfect for a ping pong table. The colorful artwork amps up the energy, spark, and personality in this room.










Consult with ILevel to bring warmth and personality to your new home through professional art placement and installation. Call 212.477.4319 or email info@ilevel.biz.


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Perfect Picture Hanging Turns a House into a Home

In about a month, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the 3,000 photos you’ve taken of your kids, your family reunion, that weekend at the beach. You might wish for help selecting and displaying the best of these photos on your walls so that you can remember and relive the fleeting moments of summer.

That’s where ILevel can lend a hand. You can come to us at any stage of the family photo wall creation process. We’ll help you select, size, print, frame, and of course, install your pictures to create a gorgeous wall of personal photography. Just like these happy clients.

Wall of Frame: All black frames, all color photos, sisters, family vacations, this extensive wall holds together beautifully down this long hallway.


Brady Bunch Grid

A bright yellow accent wall, unframed color puppy portraits in a precise Brady Bunch grid, balanced by a more fluid arrangement. Absolutely pawerful!


Contemporary Classic: A mix of black and white and color photos in gold frames. The contemporary wallpaper jazzes up this classic display.











Under and Over the Rail: The picture rail becomes a design element in this clean, modern arrangement. 












Space to Breathe: The space between these carefully selected photos allows you to consider each frame. And the seemingly random arrangement (though it’s always by design) brings intrigue to this stairway corner.















Room To Grow: This diamond shaped arrangement can be easily added to as this young family grows. 











We love the topic of family photo walls so much, we’ve covered it before. For a look back:

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Feeling inspired to create or add to your own family photo wall? Call ILevel at 212.477.4319 at any stage of the process.


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Perfect Picture Hanging Turns a House into a Home

The magnolia buds are on the trees, the forecast is for temperatures in the 70’s this week, and we’re beginning to peel off layers of outerwear. Spring has sprung in New York City, at ILevel Studio, and in the homes and offices of many of our clients. Walls are a perfect canvas for bringing a bit of that spring feeling inside. Here’s some inspiration to help you refresh and rearrange your walls to celebrate this lighter, brighter season.

Display the Props of the Season

Time to trade snow shovels for canoe paddles and stocking caps for straw hats. Or you can display these and other reminders of spring on your walls, as in these two great installations by ILevel. Select what reminds you of spring, whether it’s birds’ nests, collectible flower pots, or antique gardening tools, and imagine an arrangement that will revitalize your rooms.












Bring the Outside Inside

It’s best to get out and experience nature firsthand, but if you can’t make it outside, you can bring nature inside. This group of photos was shot by Jack Stadtlander, ILevel professional art installer and photographer. You can see his photos at ILevel Studio. You can find inspiration from the immense variety of nature-related wall art that’s out there, whether it’s botanical water colors, nature photography, or Clare Goddard’s collaged botanicals.










Change a Wall Color

One of the easiest ways to revitalize a room is to change one wall color. This antique medicine bottle collection stands out beautifully on this spring-inspired eggshell blue wall. Or if it’s too difficult to commit to one color, add several, as in this paint swatch wall with mini installations.









Add Pops of Color 

ILevel recently installed these Andrew Zimmerman pieces from the Sears-Peyton Gallery in a client’s kitchen. These sculptures, automotive paint on wood, bring life and energy to this room.











Revitalize a Salon Wall

The beauty of a salon wall is that it can be rearranged or expanded any time. Spring is a perfect time to refresh your salon installations of personal photography to include photos from recent vacations, weddings, graduations, and the addition of new family members. Salon walls can include more than just photography. You can add special items like children’s art and important personal objects.









For more ways to refresh and rearrange your art and objects, turn to ILevel at 212.477.4319.