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Five Reasons You Should Hire Artists To Hang Your Pictures

“ILevel has the manpower to hang your art collection and the brainpower to chat about it over tea.”  The Franklin Report

Since the beginning 25 years ago, ILevel founder David Kassel has hired only visual artists to work on his top notch team of professional picture hangers. Many evenings and weekends you’ll find ILevel art installers in their studios engaged with their medium, whether it’s sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, or collage. How does this practice give ILevel an edge among New York City professional art installation companies? When I surveyed our designer/installers, I heard five reasons you should hire artists to hang your pictures:

We Are Visual Thinkers: We’re those people you think of as having “an eye.” We have perspective and opinions about how artwork should be displayed and viewed. We’re passionate about art and design, and we’re always thinking visually. We have an understanding of color and composition that is sometimes different than an interior designer/decorator’s. “I’m asked all the time about what frame color would work with a certain piece, or in a certain room. To answer these questions I draw on my art education and talk about things like color harmonies and disharmonies.” 

David Stern, photographs

We Know What We’re Handling: As artists, we have a unique perspective regarding the meaning, history, and lineage of the objects we handle. “We can intelligently talk your ear off about most of the art that we see on our projects.” We also understand how pieces are constructed, so we’re aware of the strengths and weaknesses of materials and how to handle and install them safely. ‘How did the artist do this?’ comes up frequently in conversation with clients.

We Are Creative Problem Solvers: Yes, we engage in activities that are typically thought of as creative, like painting and drawing. And importantly, when it comes to art installation, we’re creative thinkers and problem solvers, too. The most rewarding projects are those that provide a challenge and require us to devise an innovative way to solve an installation problem.

Jack Stadtlander, photographs

We Care About What We’re Handling: We have a deep appreciation for other artists’ work. We understand the amount of time, creativity, and dedication that goes into each and every piece. And we treat each piece like we made it ourselves.

Art is Our Life: Our interest in art has been lifelong.Clients seem to appreciate that I have an MFA. The educational component, which represents an investment of time and money, seems to help them understand why I’m there doing what I’m doing, and shows that art isn’t simply an interest but a life pursuit.” 

The benefits of having artists install your artwork is summed up beautifully in this quote from one of ILevel’s clients:

“ILevel did a spectacular job installing my artwork. Everyone who has seen it has raved about their work. What they did for me was to teach me, very subtly, how to look at art. I saw my collection in an entirely new light. This was a totally unexpected aspect of a very pleasant experience.” 

To make an appointment to have one of ILevel’s multi-talented staff members install your art, call 212.477.4319 or email info@ILevel.biz.

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Five Reasons You Should Hire Artists To Hang Your Pictures

The magnolia buds are on the trees, the forecast is for temperatures in the 70’s this week, and we’re beginning to peel off layers of outerwear. Spring has sprung in New York City, at ILevel Studio, and in the homes and offices of many of our clients. Walls are a perfect canvas for bringing a bit of that spring feeling inside. Here’s some inspiration to help you refresh and rearrange your walls to celebrate this lighter, brighter season.

Display the Props of the Season

Time to trade snow shovels for canoe paddles and stocking caps for straw hats. Or you can display these and other reminders of spring on your walls, as in these two great installations by ILevel. Select what reminds you of spring, whether it’s birds’ nests, collectible flower pots, or antique gardening tools, and imagine an arrangement that will revitalize your rooms.












Bring the Outside Inside

It’s best to get out and experience nature firsthand, but if you can’t make it outside, you can bring nature inside. This group of photos was shot by Jack Stadtlander, ILevel professional art installer and photographer. You can see his photos at ILevel Studio. You can find inspiration from the immense variety of nature-related wall art that’s out there, whether it’s botanical water colors, nature photography, or Clare Goddard’s collaged botanicals.










Change a Wall Color

One of the easiest ways to revitalize a room is to change one wall color. This antique medicine bottle collection stands out beautifully on this spring-inspired eggshell blue wall. Or if it’s too difficult to commit to one color, add several, as in this paint swatch wall with mini installations.









Add Pops of Color 

ILevel recently installed these Andrew Zimmerman pieces from the Sears-Peyton Gallery in a client’s kitchen. These sculptures, automotive paint on wood, bring life and energy to this room.











Revitalize a Salon Wall

The beauty of a salon wall is that it can be rearranged or expanded any time. Spring is a perfect time to refresh your salon installations of personal photography to include photos from recent vacations, weddings, graduations, and the addition of new family members. Salon walls can include more than just photography. You can add special items like children’s art and important personal objects.









For more ways to refresh and rearrange your art and objects, turn to ILevel at 212.477.4319.

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Five Reasons You Should Hire Artists To Hang Your Pictures

It was a banner week for ILevel in the press as everyone seemed to want our advice about picture hanging. On Monday, ILevel was featured in this New York Times article about salon installations.

On Tuesday, ILevel founder David Kassel was featured in this Washington Post article about decorating mistakes. David talks about the need to overcome your fear of mistakes when hanging your art. Don’t let the fear of holes in your walls hold you back from hanging your pieces, as most holes can be patched or covered by the artwork itself. David also offers tips for art placement, specifically when to and when not to hang your art at eye level. 

For more tips and assistance with art placement and picture hanging, visit us at ilevel.biz, email info@ilevel.biz or call 212.477.4319