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3 Creative Ideas for Family Photo Walls

In our opinion, the best wall art is the personal kind: pieces that have a connection with or showcase the personality of the homeowner. When wall art has sentimental value or makes a personal statement it has the capacity to change a space from a stark room to an inviting home. Of course, there’s no wall art more personal than the kind that showcases family, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to hanging portraits in a frame. There are plenty of options for creating family photo walls that are unique, artistic, and representative of your unique style and nature. Below, we’re sharing three of our favorites.

Silhouettes. Forgo traditional family photos in favor of profile silhouettes, which are a major trend in wall art right now. Like portraits, you can have the silhouettes professionally made, or DIY-the project by tracing the shadow of your children’s profile on black paper. The finished pieces will be subtler and more sophisticated that photos, and will mix in well with other art pieces.

Family photo wall ideas - silhouettes

Canvas gallery. Framed, posed portraits can feel stiff and formal. If your home (or your family) is more modern, consider creating a gallery wall of candid shots printed on canvas. The frameless, dimensional pieces create a look that’s much more dynamic. Canvas prints can also be a less expensive alternative to professional framing, perfect for a growing, changing family who plans to update the wall frequently.

Family photo wall 3

Kids’ Art. Paying tribute to your family on your walls doesn’t have to involve photos at all. Children’s art (whether it’s something they’ve made recently, or a piece you’ve saved from when your college student was a kindergartener) is sentimental and unique, and fits in surprisingly well in a gallery wall of paintings and prints.

Family photo walls 4