DIY: How to Tilt a Mirror Out from a Wall

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Lately, when hanging mirrors, more and more clients have been asking me to tilt the mirror out from the wall at the top. I’ve become pretty adept at this job, which can be a bit tricky, so I thought I’d share my method for those who are looking to hang a mirror in this fashion.

Here is what I have been doing for the past few years, which is an easy and clean way to deal with it.

Step 1. Put two D-rings upside down at the bottom of the back side of the mirror. Put them little away from the sides of the mirror so the D-rings are not so visible.
Step 2. Put two D-rings sideways close to the top of the back side of the mirror. The curve of each D-ring face each other. The spread distance between those D-rings varies depends on the size of the mirror.
Step 3. Put crimp wire through the D-rings at the top and screw each end of the wire at the top back side of the mirror. Give enough slack of the wire so that the mirror can tilt out at the top. (You can adjust the tilt by adjusting the slack of the wire.)
Step 4. Put hooks on the wall accordingly.
Obviously, this is not the only way to do this, but I feel it is pretty easy, clean, and systematic. The most important feature to this method of tilting the mirror is actually in the step1. For the rest, I have tried putting L-screws to the wall and the eye screw at the back side of the mirror, putting loops at the back of the mirror, or even used turn buckles. For those, each had merits of its own. So now, don’t be afraid asking or being asked to tilt the mirror.