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Family photo salon walls are collections of images, artfully framed and arranged. A wall of personal photography allows you to enjoy your pictures, relive great memories and reconnect to experiences.

Salon walls can be composed of family photos, children’s artwork, and travel photos. Use your imagination!

When you consult with ILevel to create a salon wall you can leave all of the effort to us, or work alongside one of our designers. Here’s how it works, in four easy steps.

Step 1: Bring or send us your photos or digital images. Some clients send us a few images and some send thousands that our trained designers happily sort through. We’ll provide advice on picture selection and sizing.

Step 2: Choose from our selection of handmade or standard frames. We have a wide variety to suit any taste and style.

Step 3: Your photos deserve premium treatment. We’ll create quality prints rated to last for generations.

Step 4: We’ll schedule an appointment to install a beautiful, one-of-a-kind arrangement in your home or office.