6 Fresh Ways to Use Wall Shelves for Art

We love when a trend gives us a new way to hang art. It fuels creativity and gives us a new perspective on our work. One of the big trends a lot of clients have been asking for is to have wall shelves installed to hold their art. It’s sort of like a flexible version of the gallery wall, because the pieces can be rearranged and swapped out very easily, and without the stress of putting another hole in the wall. We also love the look of art on wall shelves — it allows pieces to be layered in a way that’s impossible to do with standard hanging methods.

Here, a few of our favorite iterations of the trend we’ve seen around the web.

1. A great way to make use of a small wall.

photo wall shelf the lovenerds
Photo via The Lovenerds

2. Bright pictures reinforce the color palette of this family room.

photo wall via thehouseofsmiths
Photo via The House of Smiths

3. Layered, vintage photos create an eclectic, bohemian look.

family photo wall via lenorenevermore
Photo via Lenore Nevermore

4. Here, a collection of family photos are displayed in black and white.

Photo via HomeEdit
Photo via HomeEdit

5. We love how the photos are mixed and matched with objects in this office.

photo wall shelves via verdana interiors
Photo via Veranda Interiors

 6. Small scale are makes a big impact when grouped together on a ledge.

small scale art on photo ledge
Photo via 18Preston