How to Hang Art and Photos on a Mirrored or Glass Wall

Running out of room to hang your art and photos? Don’t rule out the potential extra space created by floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrored walls. While they may not be the first spot most people think to hang art in their homes, doing so can add a beautiful and unexpected element to a room. We’ve outlined three ways we hang art and photos on a mirrored or glass wall, below.

1. If the mirror or frame is not too heavy, we epoxy the mirror and let it cure overnight. Then, we add two hooks, and hang the art as if we nailed hooks on to a wall.

2. Heavy works require a glazier to drill a hole in the mirror or glass, so we can attach hardware directly to the wall.

 art on mirrored wall-1

3. When hanging art and photos in front of windows, or for clients who don’t want permanent holes in a mirrored wall, we suspend the frames from cables in the ceiling using track or fixed points. Then the art hangs in front of the mirror or glass without damaging it.

 hanging art in front of windows 2

Since this task is so specialized, and since major damage can be done if it’s completed incorrectly, we recommend calling a professional if you want to hang art from a mirrored or glass wall. We’re always here to help, so feel free to contact ILevel at any time to discuss you project.