Photos from Installation Day at Holiday House NYC 2013

This year, we got a chance to be a part of one of our all-time favorite design events in the city: Holiday House NYC.

The annual showcase of regional talent isn’t just a thing of beauty, it’s one of purpose, too. Holiday House NYC was founded in 2008 ago by breast cancer survivor Iris Danker as a way to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research foundation. Since then, the show house has drawn not only nationally known interior designers to decorate the rooms, but huge crowds of supporters each year.

If you’ve never participated in the installation of a show house, let us tell you, it’s a little bit crazy, but in an exciting, energetic way. There are a dozen different designers, each bringing a dozen people to help them clean, paint, hang, arrange and move the room into place, all in just a few days. It almost reminds us of one of those surprise home makeover shows where the entire house must be redecorated by the time the homeowner gets home from their weekend away.

We worked with designers Patrick J. Hamilton, Stephen Bastone, Tinatin Kilaberidze Interior Design, J. Cohler Mason Design, and Tim Campbell to arrange and install art and photos in the rooms they designed.

Here are a few photos from installation day:

holiday house NYC 4 holiday house nyc holiday house new york 2013 2 holiday house new york 2013 3 holiday house nyc 2013 5 holiday house new york 2013 7 holiday house new york 2013 8 holiday house new york 2013-6

Holiday House NYC run from November 21 through December 18 at the Academy Mansion at 2 E 63rd St. between Madison and Fifth Avenues. Tickets are $35, and can be purchased here.