How to Hang Decorative Plates on Your Wall

So you want to do something more with that beautiful collection of antique plates or fine China than leave it sitting in the cupboard? How about hanging it on the wall? An arrangement of decorative plates can easily rival art in terms of adding beauty and interest to a room. So how, exactly, do you get the plates to stay on the wall? Read on for a few of our expert tips on how to hang decorative plates (and how to purchase plate hangers through ILevel!).

hang plates on wall

1. Plates need to be hung with special hangers that will protect them from falling. Plate hangers are sold in sizes based on the diameter of the plate, so be sure to choose the right size when ordering.

2. There are three basic options when choosing plate hangers. (ILevel sells plate hangers – contact us to purchase them!)

    • White plastic wall mount holder. The standard plate hanger has a white plastic sleeve over metal clips that protects the plates.  If you’re hanging white plates, this is a good choice because the hangers are pretty well disguised. In the photo above, white hangers were used.
    • Brass wall mount holder. This option is similar to the white version, but the sleeves over the metal clips are clear for those who prefer a brass look.
    • Custom. ILevel offers customized plate hangers for added security and a more polished look. Give us a call to find out more about our custom options.

3. After purchasing your plate hangers, it’s important to first plan out where each plate will be hung. Arrange them on the floor with the hangers first, until you come up with a display you like. Then remove the plates and measure the distance between each hanger.

4. Mount hangers on the wall, and add plates. Add double sided tape to the bottom back of the plate for extra protection, if you like.

For help hanging decorative plates on your walls or to purchase plate hangers, email us at, or give us a call at 212.477.4319.