5 Inspiring Ideas for a Family Photo Wall

One of our favorite types of projects to do is the family photo wall. It’s always a fun experience to work with our clients to pick out some of their best  images of their loved ones, and to create something beautiful with them.

Though we do offer a standard family photo wall package, where all of the frames are the same color so the gallery can be added on to over time, we also are often asked to come up with custom walls to suit various decor styles or preferences. The good news is, there’s no shortage of inspiration for creating a unique and stunning display.

Here, five of our favorite ideas for a family photo wall.

1. The symmetrical wall. We love how this wall showcases photos in frames that are the same size and color, and are evenly spaces in a grid format. The look is definitely a more formal way to go.

family photo wall all white -pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

2. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this wall. The photos are colorful, and so are the frames, which are also all different shapes and sizes. The result feels artsy, playful, and a bit vintage.

family photo wall 2 via pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

3. This wall is sort of like a cross between the two above. The black and white color palette is maintained with both the frames and photos for a look that’s more graphic. The organic shape of the gallery feels a bit more casual than the first photo, too.

family photo wall 3
Photo via Pinterest

4. This version uses large, canvas prints spanning an entire wall. It’s a beautiful solution for an office space.

family photo wall 1
Photo via Mary Schanner

5. Another dining room gallery wall with all white frames. This time, the photos are a mix of black and white, and color, and instead of using same-sized frames, a variety of sizes are fit into a even grid.

black and white family photo wall
Photo via Style by Emily Henderson

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