ILevel Art Installation at Holiday House New York

We’re so excited to share photos from our original art installation at Holiday House New York, which was unveiled yesterday, on opening day of the show house. We’ve worked with Holiday House in the past, helping to hang and install art and mirrors for various designers, but this year, we wanted to be involved in a bigger way.
ilevel art installation at holiday house NY
(For those that don’t know much about Holiday House, it’s a wonderful show house that happens every year in the city to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Each year it draws renowned designers and firms like Alexa Hampton, Thom Filicia, and Lillian August. )

We began planning our installation, called “Being a Woman” in February. The idea behind the installation came to us when we heard a statistic that “Being a woman” was the number on risk factor for developing breast cancer.
ilevel art installation holiday house 3
Here’s the description of the project that hangs on the wall next to the installation: “Being a Woman” is a selection of snapshots of women, transformed by hand-framing and careful arrangement into a unique installation at Holiday House, New York. The resulting constellation is not only a thought-provoking artwork, but also a poignant metaphor for the number of lives affected by breast cancer. The title of the exhibit, “Being a Woman,” refers both to the portrayal of women living their lives, and to the fact that being a woman is the number one risk factor for breast cancer.”

Ilevel art installation at Holiday house 2

Be sure to stop by Holiday House New York at the Academy Mansion now through December 21! It’s an inspirational space and it benefits an amazing cause.