ILevel Art Installation Project In Architectural Digest

We recently spotted an Instagram post from Architectural Digest that we recognized: A gallery wall we hung for interior designer Nick Olson in a Brooklyn town home. The photo had more than 3,000 likes, so we decided we’d share a little more of the project here.

The home itself was beautiful on its own: A 4,000 square foot Greek Revival rowhouse in Brooklyn heights, which Nick jazzed up with a rich color palette of reds, greens, apricots, and blues mixed with deep neutral tones like mink brown.

The homeowner, a couple with four young children, had an eclectic sense of style, and were more than happy to take style risks, which yielded a home that deftly mixes pattern, style, and era, but to a perfectly balanced result.

A few of our favorite spaces in the home:

The library, which features blue lacquered walls and an array of art and objects the couple has collected through the years.

The sitting room. Though the room relies heavily on the use of color, the muted shades Nick chose make it striking without being overstimulating.

And of course, the salon wall, which we installed in a back staircase in the home, showcasing a mix of the family’s favorite photos.
For more of  this space, check out Architectural Digest!