NYC’s Best Picture Hanging Service Uses Cable Hanging Systems

As a professional picture hanging service, ILevel has mastered all kinds of installation techniques, including cable hanging systems. We suggest using cables in four situations: when you want the flexibility to move art frequently, when hanging art over windows or mirrors, to avoid damage to specially treated walls, and when you want to highlight a special piece in an interesting way.

Here are some examples of recent projects we’ve completed using cable hanging systems.

demonstrates the use of a cable hanging system to install art

A Bird in Flight

A cable system was used to angle this piece away from the wall creating the impression of a bird in flight. The content of this piece informed the art hanging solution, resulting in a perfect use of cables to showcase and draw attention to an artwork.

shows art suspended by cables over windows

Over the Windows

Cable systems are the only way to meet the challenge of hanging art over windows. This installation creates the remarkable effect of a double layered view – you can enjoy the art and the changing background offered by the cityscape outside your window.

a cable hanging system used in a stairway

A Rotating Collection

This client likes to rotate the art on their stairway wall frequently so ILevel suggested a cable system. It’s simple to move pieces without putting extra holes in the walls. A cable system usually has three parts: a wall-mounted track or rail from which the cables are suspended, moveable hangers to allow for flexible positioning and horizontal adjustments, and adjustable hooks that slide up and down for vertical adjustments.

an image showing one piece of art suspended from a cable in a group of pieces hung in a traditional way

Draw Attention

In this example, a small piece is hung in the traditional way while the piece above it is angled away from the wall and suspended via cables. This simple, elegant, and creative arrangement works to highlight both pieces.

You can see more of ILevel’s use of cable systems in these two projects.

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