Unconventional Places to Find Art Around New York City

There are not shortage of  galleries, vintage shops, and boutiques  in New York. In fact, the availability of beautiful art is one of the things that makes the city so special. Even more exciting, still, are all of the unconventional opportunities to find beautiful art and decor around New York. Pop-up art shows, exhibitions and auctions are on of the city’s largest sources of artwork.

To help you narrow down a starting point, we asked our expert team of ILevel staffers to share some of the best places to find art around New York City that aren’t galleries or shops.

new york art shows - freize

1. Charity Auctions. “An often overlooked source of artwork is charity/fundraising auctions. You bid on the work you like, and your money helps support the charity or non-profit,” says Alan, an ILevel Art Installer. ” Sculpture Center has one of the largest auctions of emerging artists that I have seen. If you get on the mailing list you will be privy to the annual event.”

2. Art Fairs. Another staff favorite: New York’s art fairs. A series of big art shows kick off in New York in the spring, beginning with the Armory Show and the Affordable Art Fair at the end of March, followed by Frieze New York in May. New York Design Week, also in May, offers plenty of great opportunities to discover new artists and one-of-a-kind works, too.

3. Brimfield. ILevel’s founder, David Kassel’s pick? The Brimfield Antiques Show. The massive flea-market style event, which runs over three weekends each summer, may be in Massachusetts, but it’s picturesque location and plethora of dealers make Brimfield a must-visit, and a worthwhile trip, for any art or antiques enthusiast.

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