Recent ILevel Art Installation Projects around New York

It’s been a while since we recapped our recent art installation and picture hanging projects, but were inspired to share a few of our latest simply because of the beauty and diversity of some of our client’s homes. From eclectic gallery walls, to object and art collections, here are a few of our favorite recent projects.

1. Vintage and eclectic: Proof that gallery walls don’t have to have a common theme, color, or frame style to look beautiful. We loved the collected feel of the various photos and art (and the variety of frames!) in this apartment.
collected vintage gallery wall
2. Woven hats: And here’s proof that beautiful wall art doesn’t technically even have to be art; here the client chose to hang a grouping of woven hats to create a unique statement wall.
hanging Baskets on wall
3. Bright pop art. How cool is this art collection? It immediately set the tone for the fun, modern apartment it’s hung in.
Modern gallery wall - ilevel
4. Graphic watercolors. We loved this collection because, while each piece was different, the art was unified through a common palette and watercolor technique.
Watercolor gallery wall
5. A colorful collection. Make like an art gallery: here, the work of a single artist is displayed in matching frames on a bright white wall.
colorful art installation
Need help hanging your own art collection? Or not sure where to begin decorating your walls? Stop into our new studio space at 37 7th Street to discuss an art installation project or view our art collections available for purchase.