Seasonal Wall Art Ideas that are Chic, too

If you’re currently looking around your home and thinking that the seashell-print pillows and coral wall art doesn’t exactly scream “fall,” then it might be time to cozy-up to some new decor ideas. Of course, one of our favorite easy ways to instantly make a space seasonally appropriate is to swap out the wall art: it’s simple, relatively inexpensive, and can change the feel of an entire room. But just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a bunch of pumpkin-themed pieces or foliage landscapes. There are plenty of ways to autumn-ify  your wall art without actually turning your home into a haunted house.

Here are a few of our favorite seasonal wall art ideas that are subtle and chic.

Image via Driven by Decor
Image via Driven by Decor

1. Choose deeper hues.

Brights are naturally associated with tropical paradises and warm summer days. Look for wall art that takes color cues from the fall season — think rich cranberry, burnt orange, snow white, cloudy gray — and swap them with pieces your already have hanging up.

2. Re-frame small pieces.

If light and airy is the theme of summer, rich and dramatic is the motto for colder months. If your wall art hasn’t been professionally framed (meaning you can easily switch out the surrounding frame in a couple of minutes) change out any simple frames for more ornate, carved ones in rich gold or wood tones.

3. Replace a few pieces in a gallery wall.

One of the best parts about gallery walls is that a few tweaks can change the entire look of the arrangement. If you have a room with a gallery wall, there’s no need to reconfigure the entire thing. Instead, consider switching out a few of the light and bright pieces for something moodier.

4. Add texture.

Fall and winter are all about cozy texture: wool blankets, cowhide rugs, thick sweaters. So why shouldn’t your wall art have a similar feel? With the explosion of the macrame trend in recent months, it shouldn’t be hard to find a warm and fuzzy piece to add to your art collection.