37 East 7th Street, NYC

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Visit ILevel Studio at 37 East 7th Street, NYC to discuss a project, find inspiration for your collections, create your own personalized salon walls, and attend events with experts.

Collections Gallery

In our Studio, we’ve curated and creatively arranged an array of 1920s French fabric swatches, framed stratigraphic maps, intriguing Rorschach inkblots and colorful candle busts on wall wedges. Plan to stop by often as our vignettes are constantly evolving.

When you purchase one of our collections, an ILevel designer will compose and install a creative arrangement for you. If you’re a collector come by the Studio for inspiration and help arranging and installing the special objects you’ve collected.

See some of our collections in our Etsy Shop.

Family Photo Salon Walls

A family photo wall is the center of attention in any home. A fantastic wall of personal photography inspires you to take a few moments out of every day to relive great memories and feel connected to loved ones. It’s a conversation piece for guests as they ooh and aah over your wonderful photos and interesting experiences.

ILevel can help you create a beautiful and engaging family photo wall with minimal effort on your part. Come to the ILevel Studio to see examples and consult with our designers.

The Office

You can now visit us to schedule appointments and discuss projects in-person. Of course, you can still call and email, too.

See upcoming events in the Studio.