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Why We Still Love Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the home decor trend that keeps on giving. While we’ve been hanging art gallery-style since we opened ILevel, it became a major trend six or seven years ago and a good portion of our work became installing arrangements of 5-10 smaller pieces instead of hanging a singular large piece or a diptych or triptych. Since then, the popularity of gallery walls hasn’t waned a bit, and that’s OK with us. Here’s why we still love gallery walls (illustrated with photos of gallery walls we’ve hung just in the last few weeks!). 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re personal. 

While a singular piece of art can certainly be personal, a gallery wall can almost become a collage of stories. Maybe there’s a piece you found on a trip to Paris hanging next to a flea-market find and a doodle drawn by your kids. Or maybe you collect black and white photography and can display your entire collection together at once. Plus, besides just the art you choose, you can also tailor the layout itself to your style, whether it’s classic and symmetrical, or abstract and eclectic. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re dynamic. 

With a gallery wall, you have the option to change out your art as you feel like it. If a certain piece no longer speaks to you, you can simply swap it out for something you like more. You can also add to it as you bring new works into your collection. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

They’re easy. 

If you have an expanse of wall that needs some art, no matter how small or large or narrow, you can almost certainly find a gallery wall arrangement that will work for it, and pretty easily at that. The search for a singular, large piece of art to perfectly fit that same space, however, might takes months (or longer) to track down. 

gallery wall - ilevel art installation new york city

Have a gallery wall to install? Get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz





5 Wall Art Looks that Never Go Out of Style

For our last post of 2016, you might expect us to do a trend roundup of what we’re thinking will be the big new thing for next year. But instead, because wall art is so personal, and we’re inclined to consider it an investment that shouldn’t be replaced year-after-year, we’re rounding up five classic wall art looks that never go out of style.
wall art trends - mirror on mirrored wall

1. Oversized gold mirrors, especially over the fireplace. There are plenty of options for what you can hang above your fireplace (we just hope it’s not a TV!), but one of our all-time favorite looks is a large-scale, antique gold mirror. It’s a timeless style that feels grand and instantly draws the eye up.
family photo wall
2. Family photo walls. One wall art arrangement we can guarantee you’ll never get sick of is a family photo wall. You’ll never tire of reliving your favorite family memories, or your children’s elementary school portraits, especially if the wall is done in a thoughtful way with professional framing.
creating a gallery wall with a theme - maps

3. A symmetrical gallery wall.
Gallery walls have been a major wall art trend, but they’re by no means a new idea. For a look that’s timeless, not trendy, opt for a symmetrical grid arrangement, which feels tailored and traditional.

Image via Domaine

Image via Domaine

4. The statement console. A great way to fill an empty space along a wall: A console table paired with large art in almost the same length. It’s a simple combination that works every time.
1 - black and white portrait wall
5. Black-and-white. Whether it’s photography, a simple line drawing, or a contemporary painting, black and white wall art goes with everything, and can easily be updated with a new frame to suit evolving decor throughout your home.


Hanging Art Around the Bathtub

There’s nothing more relaxing than a giant soaking tub with a view. But if your bathroom isn’t designed overlooking a scenic vista, there’s another way to surround yourself with beautiful sights: hanging art around the bathtub. It might seem a bit odd at first, but as bathrooms are increasingly being redefined as spaces of leisure and relaxation, it makes perfect sense that the walls be treated as blank canvases for contemplative pieces, or art that simply makes you smile. 

Of course, there are a number of logistical considerations that come into play when installing art in a wet space like around the tub. For one, you’ll want to hang it high enough that it won’t run the risk of regularly being splashed, or choose a weatherproof frame for added protection. Obviously, if your bathtub and shower stall are combined, this idea won’t work for your home.

There’s also the walls themselves to consider. In the photos below, of a recent installation we did on Park Avenue in Manhattan, the homeowner wanted art hung on porcelain tile. To prevent the need to drill into the tile, ruining it should they ever want to remove the art, we used an epoxy to attach art hooks to the wall. That way, the hooks and art can be removed without damaging the tile underneath, but the art is still securely affixed.


We recently got to install this beautiful arrangement in the bathroom of one of our clients. 


What do you think of this idea? Would you ever hang art around the bathtub in your house?