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ILevel Staff Art Show in New York City: Artist Carlos Rodriguez

The ILevel Staff Art Show opening party is on June 6th in New York, NY. In honor of the exhibition (which is curated entirely from the works of our talented team members) we’re highlighting the work of one of our installer/artists.

Carlos RM
“Silent wing”
Acrylic on canvas 
40 x 30 in.

What sort of art do you create?

I make abstract representational paintings. I mainly use acrylic paint on canvas.

How long have you been doing it?

I started painting with oils at age 9 and at 15 or 16 years of age I decided painting is going to be my career.

What pieces are you showing in the ILevel art show? 

I haven’t decided what painting I will show but it might be the one above.

To see more work by Carlos Rodriguez and the rest of our skilled staff, stop by the ILevel Staff Exhibit at 37 East 7th Street in New York, NY. 


5 Top Art and Design Stories from this Week

It seems like the art and design worlds are coming off of their summer lull and heading full speed into fall, because there was a lot of focus on both industries in the news this week. Here’s a recap of our top art and design stories from the past seven days.

1. There’s talk that Domino magazine, the much-beloved Conde Nast shelter title that shuttered its doors during the recession, is coming back. Not in its original format, but as an e-commerce site and quarterly print magazine in conjunction with Project Decor. We have a feeling that would make a lot of people very happy. (via Huffington Post)

2.  Business Insider did a brief, but interesting piece that opened our eyes to a new form of art. The story was about photographer Leland Bobbe, who takes pictures of the layered, tattered billboard posters that seem to plaster New York (below). “I find that the random rips and tears on posters on top of other  posters and walls reveals an unintended collage quality that creates it’s own  aesthetic balance,” said the artist.

leland bobbe art and design stories

Photo via Business Insider

3.  Another New York artist with a unique point of view: Brian Kirhagis of Brooklyn, who “updates” famed works by Salvadore Dali for the twenty-first century. (via New York Daily News)

4. Amazon announced that it would be sponsoring the upcoming Affordable Art Fair in New York City. Makes sense, given the recent opening of Amazon Art, their online art marketplace. (via Affordable Art Fair website)

5.  The New York Times introduced us to Mileu, a new quarterly home décor magazine that will be launching in September. The magazine, started by 63 year old Houston designer Pamela Pierce, will print its stories “the old-fashioned way: on thick, glossy paper.”