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A Real Hunt Slonem Bunny Wall

If you’re a design enthusiast (or even simply follow any sort of interior design media on Instagram), there’s a good chance you’ve seen Hunt Slonem’s work. The New York City-based expressionist has always had a large following, especially for his animal-themed works. But recently, his paintings of one animal in particular have thrown him into a more mainstream consciousness: Bunnies. Hunt Slonem’s “Bunnies” series includes simple bunny outlines done in oil paint in myriad pastels and black-and-white, usually mounted in antique frames. 

Collecting these paintings and turning them into a themed gallery-wall is now officially a design trend, sparked in part by Slonem’s partnership with Groundworks, which created a “Bunny Wall” paper out of his prints. We recently had the pleasure of installing an actual Bunny gallery wall at a client’s home in New York City.  The contrast between the colorful prints and the wood-and-leather walls made a striking statement. 

hunt slonem bunnies hunt slonem bunnies

Here are a few other examples of beautiful “Bunny” walls we’ve spotted recently. 

A Bunny wall in the Wall Street Journal. 

Prefer a simpler look? We love the restraint look of this singular black and white Bunny in a room in California. 

Image via Madison Gallery

Original works don’t come cheap (each “Bunny” print starts at around $5,000), but you can also get the Bunny Wall look on a budget with the Groundworks paper (priced at around $200-$300 per roll), as seen in these rooms by Donna Mondi (top) and Jamie House Design.

donna mondi - hunt slonem bunnies

Love Hunt Slonem’s Bunnies? Here are a few places we’ve found them available:

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And shop the wallpaper here:

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