The holiday season in New York City is unlike anywhere else. Between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the iconic Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, and the Times Square Ball Drop, New Yorkers have access to some of the biggest and most beloved holiday events in the world…. Read More.

One of the biggest wall art trends we’ve seen over the last few years isn’t even technically “wall art” at all. More and more, both our clients and the interior designers we work with are opting to display wall “collections” instead. Whether it’s a large set of vintage bottles, a collection of road signs, or an assortment of straw hats, the category of what constitutes wall art is ever-expanding. … Read More.

Summer is an amazing time in New York City for a lot of things: dining outdoors, exploring Central Park, riding a bike along the Hudson River. But it’s also one of the best times of year for art lovers. The city is packed with amazing shows, festivals, and exhibits in the summer — some of them even outdoors so you can enjoy the weather at the same time. … Read More.