It’s no secret that bloggers are among the home decor industry’s top trendsetters these days. They’re often the first to implement (and widely share) new styles and ideas spotted at trade shows and in shelter magazines, and they also serve as a wonderful resource of original creative ideas themselves. More and more often, we’re finding ourselves sourcing some of our favorite inspiration images from blogs…. Read More.

Each month we work with dozens of different clients on a wide variety of projects — from installing art at a Chelsea gallery, to hanging photos for a family in a new home, to arranging wall decor  around a restaurant. No two projects are alike, which is why it’s always fun to share a little bit of what we’ve been working on. Here are a few of our favorite recent picture hanging projects. … Read More.

One of our favorite decor trends of the moment is the layered art look. Mixing pieces leaned up against the wall with pieces hanging on it, or bookcases arranged with art both atop the shelves and hanging off of them. Layering art is a beautiful way to showcase a variety of smaller works (it’s a great substitution for a gallery wall!), highlight contrast between different pieces, and add a unique and different aspect to your decor. … Read More.