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5 New York City Art Events to Catch in August

The dog days of summer have descended upon New York City, and one of our favorite places to flee while we wait for boot weather is Manhattan’s (mostly air-conditioned) galleries and museums. This month, there’s plenty to do and see on the art scene, but here are a few shows we’re looking forward to most. 

A photo by Frank Paulin. Image courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery. 

The Curator’s Eggs at Paul Kasmin Gallery
This is one you will not want to miss. Paul Kasmin Gallery hosts 13 artists’ pieces in this exhibition focused on artists who use art as their voice. Mediums range per artist, making it an even more interesting show to see. Each featured piece aims to provoke inspiration, conversation, and new ways of thinking. This collection will only be open until the 18th of August, so don’t delay.

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New York, The Early Years: Photographs by Frank Paulin at Bruce Silverstein Gallery
Open now through the first of September, this somber and romantic display of black and white photographs by Frank Paulin is a must-see. Most of the photos taken in the 1950s give perspective to a seemingly simpler time in the city that, even then, never slept. This exhibit is an online exhibition and prices for each photograph by Paulin are available by request.

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Pinot Pinelli: PITTURA at De Buck Gallery
Taking primary colored cues from the classics like Piet Mondrian, Pinot Pinelli’s minimalist exhibit is sure to please fans of both the classics and modern art. Pinelli is unafraid to play with texture while maintaining simplicity with this series of paintings. This exhibit is open now through the 25th of the month, so hurry in. you won’t want to miss it.

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RYB: Mary Heilmann Paintings, 1975-78 at Craig F. Starr Gallery
Heilmann has been enchanting art fans for years with her colorful and contemporary works of art. This exhibit, taking place at the Craig F. Starr Gallery, showcases paintings from the 1970s gives off the aura of Heilmann’s work while still channeling the feelings of the times. Open now through the end of October.

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13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair at the Queens Museum
This month is one of the last months to catch this historically significant and iconic exhibit. The initial reveal of this piece featuring 13 mugshots of wanted men was considered a scandal to be covered up—literally. Fifty years later, however, we use these mugshots of infamous men to celebrate the essence and rebellion of the icon that is Warhol.

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Behind the Scenes: Art Gallery Installation in New York

This week, we completed a fascinating project for one of our longtime clients, the Ricco Maresca Gallery in Chelsea. The exhibit we installed, called I.D. Photo Badge Portraiture, consisted of 250 workers’ photo badges from the 1930s through the 1950s, hung side-by-side around the gallery.

What we found so interesting about this particular exhibit, was the idea behind it. According to a statement about the exhibit from the gallery, “These vintage badges, from a possibly simpler time, were all that was necessary to prove one’s authentic self and place in society. The concept of identity is increasingly complex. Contemporary identification badges such as Facebook and other social platforms on the Internet give us the false impression we have complete control over our private identities, while at the same time, we are forced to take extreme measures to prove our public identities.”

To display the badges, we hung them a few inches apart around the perimeter of the space. Here’s a glimpse at what it took to hang each of these badges in a straight line around the gallery, plus a closer look at a few of the badges.

ricco maresca gallery 1

art gallery installation nyc 3 art gallery installation nyc

art installation new york city

name badges art exhibit 2

name badges art exhibit

 If you have a chance, stop by the Ricco Maresca gallery to see this exhibit. It runs from today, January 24, through February 15.