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Before and After Photos from Recent ILevel Projects

Why are before and after photos so satisfying? Maybe it’s because we like to see order emerging from chaos, or we enjoy looking at the results of a job well done. ILevel project sites are busy places, and while we always get the shot of the finished project, we don’t always capture the scene before the ILevel art installers work their magic. In these recently completed project photos, you’ll see ILevel’s professional picture hangers transforming New York City apartments, before and after, one wall at a time.  

Family Photo Walls, ILevel’s Bread & Butter

I’ll kick things off with this multi-generational family photo wall with a mix of black & white and color photos in eclectic frames. Large portraits of the matriarch and patriarch anchor this dynamic wall that even includes the family dog. As you know from previous posts, laying the arrangement out on the floor is one key to design success (and minimizing unwanted holes in the wall). The variety of types of photos, poses, and people featured in this wall make it very intriguing to look at. Here it is on the floor, and on the wall.

Family photos before installationA collection of family photos displayed on a wall









Photos of Tantalizing Treats

Here we see a large installation of photos of food, from cakes and pies to pasta and a crown rib roast. While we didn’t obey the 3 second rule, this salon installation is delicious to look at, first on the floor, and reflected in this mirror after installation on the wall.

Photos of food before installation on the wall
photos of food arranged on a wall reflected in a mirror











A Grid In Progress

Staying with the topic of treats, here’s a grid featuring colorful cocktails. ILevel’s mixologists laid this grid of 48 photos out on the floor, then transferred it to the wall using precise measurements to create this perfectly shaken and stirred design.

a grid design of photographs of cocktails being installed on a wall

a grid installation of 48 photos of colorful cocktails





And a Pop of Color

This print of colored squares brings life to this otherwise neutral room. We love how simple changes can make a big impact.

neutral living room waiting for the installation of a colorful printneutral living room with one colorful print installed over a TV









You too can have a satisfying before and after experience with your walls. Just call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email info@ilevel.biz to make an appointment!


How Much Room Should Wall Art Take Up?

When you move into a new home, the idea of filling hundreds of square footage of blank walls can seem daunting. You are faced with questions like what pieces to hang where, whether certain works should hang solo or be clustered together, and of course, how to determine the ratio of blank wall space to that which is filled with art.

The latter question is one that can especially tricky. If you hang one single work over the bed for example, you run the risk of it looking insubstantial. Hanging a gallery wall, on the other hand, can easily turn a serene space into a cluttered one with an overly heavy hand.

So how much room should wall art take up? The answer will depend mostly on the scale of the room and the context of the space.

 wall art to wall ratio

Use furnishings as a guide.

An easy way to help benchmark the amount of room wall art should occupy is to think about it in relationship to the surrounding furnishings. Ideally, wall art hung above a sofa or bed should be right around two-thirds its length. If you have end tables or nightstands flanking a sofa or bed, you can go larger with the artwork as visually, the furniture arrangement will represent one whole. In general, the length of wall art or a gallery should not exceed that of the relating furniture. The exception is if you decide to do a wall-to-wall gallery, which then acts almost as a backdrop or wall covering instead of a singular art arrangement.

Thing about the scale of the room.

Like all things in interior design, when it comes to choosing the size of your artwork, scale is one of the most important factors to consider. In a large room, for example, a gallery wall of three to five works will seem insignificant and cheap. Even an arrangement of 20 small pieces can feel misplaced in an oversized room. High ceilings and large expanses of wall demand equally sizable wall art, so opt for fewer, larger pieces instead. Likewise, in a small room or apartment, one large piece can typically stand on its own with nothing else hung on the wall.

Remember white space.

Blank space, or white space, is just as important as the art itself. Make sure you factor in white space when hanging multiple works on the same wall. You’ll need to leave at least two-three inches between smaller pieces hung in a gallery wall style, and 6″-12″ for bigger works of art (those that are more than 18″ wide).

Need help hanging wall art in your home? Get in touch with our professional art installers here.


Recent Gallery Wall Installations From ILevel

 The winter season is one of the busiest times of year at ILevel. The weather is frigid, and people are spending more time indoors, and focused on their homes. Which means, we’ve been busy the last few months!

Here’s a recap of some of our favorite gallery wall installations we’ve done recently.

1. This awesome, eclectic gallery wall. It’s always fun to see all the unique ideas our clients come up with for their gallery walls. This one combined art, photography, taxidermy, and even lighting.

gallery wall installations - eclectic

2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we did this very restrained, sophisticated and symmetrical gallery wall in the entryway of a beautiful home.

symmetrical gallery wall installation

3. This was another fun project in a home office space: An updated take on the family photo wall that mixed snapshots of the kids, along with pieces of their artwork, and other pieces the homeowner enjoyed.

family photo wall ideas

4. It’s always great to see just how much a gallery wall can transform a space, especially when hung on a large, blank white wall.

gallery wall on a white wall

5. Here, we used a record collection in lieu of traditional art, which we rearranged on the floor until we had the perfect configuration.

record collection display ideasOnce we found it, we arranged the collection down a long hallways in the client’s home.


Need some help hanging a gallery wall of your own? Get in touch with us, we’d be happy to lend a hand!