Unexpected Ideas for Arranging Wall Art

Arranging wall art can be daunting, which you know if you’ve ever spent 15 minutes staring at a blank wall trying to figure out which piece should go where, and then scrapping the entire project altogether because you simply can’t decide. Or, perhaps you’ve hung you art, only to move it around again 10 more times over the course of a year.

Our best piece of advice: find an arrangement you love, then copy it. You might not have the exact pieces, or frames in the same sizes, but finding an inspiration image and letting it guide your own art arrangement can not only be the easiest approach, it can also be the one that yields the best results. Here are a few of our recent picture hanging arrangements that are worthy of copying.

If you have a set of four frames, your mind likely automatically goes to hanging two on top, two on the bottom, or perhaps in a neat row. But an arrangement that is slightly askew is more interesting, and if you have frames of different sizes, will actually feel more balanced.
wall art arranging ideas
Even if all of your frames are the same size, that doesn’t mean you should arrange them in a way that’s equally as tidy. Using white space (or in this case, yellow space) strategically makes the wall become part of the art.
wall art arranging ideas
Here’s another example of a same-sized collection of frames arranged in an unexpected way. The key to getting this seemingly random look right is actually a precise measurement. Each frame is separated on at least one edge by exactly two inches.
ideas for arranging wall art
This tall, narrow arrangement of small frames was hung with flow in mind: it’s designed to naturally draw your eye from one photo to the next, and from the top of the wall to the bottom.
ideas for arranging wall art
This final example shows off one of our favorite unique picture hanging techniques: using the windows as wall space. It works best in bright rooms that have natural light to spare.
art arranging ideas
Happy hanging!