Wall Art Ideas from High Point Market

Every April and October, we pay close attention to the happenings at High Point Market, one of the home decor industry’s largest trade shows. What’s seen at High Point often dictates the trends in interior design and furniture for the next year to come. This April, one of our team members was lucky enough to actually attend the show, spending three days . Here’s a recap of some the best wall art ideas we saw.

1. Everyday objects as art. We were wowed by this shelving display idea that turned everyday objects into a wall of art.
2. Mixed media gallery walls. The gallery wall is the trend that keeps on giving. Just when we think the idea might become stale, we see a new version that we love, like the one below. It incorporates everything from art, to clocks, to plates and antlers for a look that’s pure cool.
3. Off-center art. Hanging art slightly askew over a sofa or bed adds a fun, unexpected element to decor.
4. Outdoor art. A huge trend at this season’s market was bringing the indoors out. We’ve never seen so many beautiful pieces meant for the outdoors. One of our favorite ideas? Turning a fence or the wall of a garden into a spot to display a stunning set of mirrors.