Wall Art Trend: Hanging Objects on The Walls

We consider ourselves  to the on the frontline of wall art trends, since we see and hang thousands of works of art, photo, and mirrors each year. Lately, we’ve been seeing a distinctive trend that’s popularity has grown swiftly this year: hanging non art pieces, like empty frames, shoes, or hats on the walls. We love the creativity and originality behind this look — plus, thinking outside the box opens up a ton of options for creating something personal and suitable for your space.

Thinking about getting behind the non-art art trend? Here are a few ideas we love from around the web.

1. What we love about this setup? Not only does it add interest to a long, narrow space, but it’s also practical — hats can be grabbed off the wall on the way out the door.

hanging hats on wall
Image via Apartment Therapy

2. We also love this collection of hats  hung over a staircase — this would be a beautiful look for a beach house.

hats on wall image via fieldstone design
Image via Fieldstone Design.

3. Hanging planters on the wall is another fun alternative to art, and a great idea for small spaces, since it frees up floor space where pots might have been.

planter on the wall, image via decoist
Image via Decoist

4. Air plants are another big trend this year, and a fun alternative to art or photos.

Image via Etsy
Image via Etsy

5. Here, a gallery wall effect is created with overlapping frames, no art necessary.

frames on wall via makely home
Image via Makely Home

6. In lieu of creating an entire display from objects, you can also mix them in with art, like the handbags hung here.

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