9 Inspiring Gallery Wall Ideas

By now, gallery walls have transcended the “trend” phase to become a standard option for arranging art. But just because the gallery wall is now a common sight in homes and on Pinterest boards everywhere, doesn’t mean that a great art arrangement can’t still wow. Here are nine beautiful examples of next-level gallery walls that’ll inspired you to push the boundaries on your own art arrangements.

1. Think big.

A super-sized gallery wall, like the vintage-themed collection that covers an expansive stretch of this living room, makes an over-the-top statement.

gallery wall ideas - apartment therapy
Image via Apartment Therapy

2. Or small.

Sometimes, a few well-edited pieces on a large wall can make just as big of an impact.

gallery wall - a beautiful mess
Image via A Beautiful Mess

3. Try layering over wallpaper.

A collection of black-and-white drawings in matching gold frames feels rich and polished against chocolate-colored wallpaper.

Gallery wall aspirations - la vie en preppy on Tumblr
Image via La Vie en Prepyy, Tumblr

4. Use mirrors.

Forgo art in favor of a display of antique mirrors, which creates a glamorous, Parisian air in this living space.

Gallery wall -
Image via Pinterest

5. Stick to a tight palette.

In this case, black, white, and yellow wood tones.

gallery wall - sfgirlbybay
Image via

6. Go black and white.

Floor-to-ceiling black and white photography reinforced the high contrast palette in the home of fashion designer Lela Rose.

gallery wall - lela rose's home
Image via Pinterest

 7. Set things askew.

Nobody says a gallery wall has to be perfectly aligned. Arranging certain pieces slightly off-kilter feels eclectic and bohemian.

Gallery wall - Elle Decor
Image via Elle Decor

8. Fill an entire space.

For a major statement, leave no inch of the wall uncovered.

Best gallery walls - Kristen Buckingham Interior Design
Image via Kristen Buckingham Interior Design

9. Decorate around the corner.

A gallery wall display doesn’t need to be limited to one wall. Wrapping it around a corner feels fresh.

Liz marie blog
Image via Liz Marie blog