10 Inspiring Gallery Walls

One look on Pinterest will tell you that gallery walls are a huge trend in interior design right now. And for good reason. Gallery walls can be created to suit almost any décor style, group of items, room size, or theme, and the effect a finished gallery wall has on a space is always stunning.

Naturally, we create lots of gallery walls at ILevel. From floor-to-ceiling collages of fine art, to smaller groupings of photos and objects, we’ve seen it all. So, we’ve compiled 10 images that represent our favorite types of gallery walls. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own.

1. A black-and-white portrait wall is a great way to showcase family photos. (Image via Pinterest)
1 - black and white portrait wall
2. Instead of framed pieces, opt for photos printed on canvas. This works well for a more casual space, like a family room or play room. (Image via Pinterest)
2- canvas family photos
3. A gallery wall makes beautiful use of an awkward windowed wall on a staircase. (Image via
3- staircase gallery wall
4. Neon-themed art instantly energizes a room. (Image via
4- neon gallery wall
5. Here’s a twist on the standard gallery wall. (Image via
5- slanted gallery wall
6. An eclectic gallery wall mixes art and objects. (Image via
12-gallery wall via metropolitan musings
7. This gallery wall is neat and clean, both in terms of the positioning of the frames, and the art inside. (Image via
6- neat gallery wall via pixersize
8. Black and white art plays nicely with brightly colored surroundings. (Image via
7- black and white gallery wall over color sofa via bhg
9. Live in a rented apartment or can’t nail holes in your brick walls? Here’s a great solution. (Image via
8 - gallery wall via the borrowed abode
10. The light pencil drawings that make up this gallery wall create an elegant scene. (image via
10 - elegant gallery wall