ILevel Recent Art Hanging Projects

One of the things we love most about our work is that no two days are alike. Sure, most days involve hanging things on walls, but those “things” are always different, as is the locale where they’re hung. To prove just how diverse our work can be, here’s a quick look at seven of our most recent projects.

1. The first client asked us to hang a variety of tapestries and antique art in a studio and retail space in New York City.
1-tapestry hanging
2.  Here, a large silk screen made the perfect backdrop when hung behind a sofa in a New York apartment.
2- large screen hanging
3. It’s always fun to find stylish ways to display children’s art. In this case, it took the form of a colorful gallery wall.

4. Art added a pop of color to this white washed home on the Connecticut waterfront.
5- art hanging
5. We hung this large gilded mirror above a marble fireplace in townhome on the Upper West Side.
6-mirror above fireplace
6. This mirrored sculpture became the focal point of a client’s living room.
4-sculpture hanging
7. A grid of mirrors reflect the green scene outside in Watermill, New York.
7- mirror grid wall
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