7 Inspiring Decorative Plate Displays

Though most of our work consists of hanging photos, art, tapestries and mirrors, we’re also called upon by our clients to hang other items on their walls. From taxidermy, to ships’ wheels, to sculptures, we’ve hung it all. But one of the more common items we’re asked to hang are decorative plates.

There are lots of ways to add decorative plates to your design scheme, but here are a few of our favorites.

1. On a large scale: These plates take up almost the entire space behind two chairs in a seating area. Image via
6- decorative plate wall sadie and stella
2. Above a headboard: Instead of a single image or set of mirrors, a wall of plates creates visual impact about a headboard. Image via
7- decorative plate wall
3. To provide contrast: White plates pop on a charcoal wall. Image via
5- decorative plate wall spoond
4. As a mural: Specialty plates can be ordered to display a singular mural. Image via
4- decorative-plates-wall - decor4all
5. To enhance a color scheme: Plates can be found in all shades, and work great to reinforce a color scheme. Image via
3- decorative plate wall addicted 2 decorating
6. Hung free form: Instead of hanging in a neat shape, these plates add movement to an entryway. Image via
1- decorative plate wall
7. Above a fireplace: Again, pretty plates make a nice stand-in for the more traditional mirror found above a fireplace mantle. Image via
2- decorative plate wall