5 Creative Ideas for Hanging Pictures from Pinterest

We’re always on the lookout for new and creative ideas for hanging pictures that we might not have thought of ourselves. One of our favorite resources for researching new ideas is, of course, Pinterest. From DIY jobs to professional-quality art installations, there’s always a plethora of inspiration to be had.

One of our favorite ideas we’ve seen more and more lately, is suspended wall art: pieces hung from ribbon, rope, and even chains. Here are five of our favorite suspended picture hanging ideas we’ll be adding to our idea bank for potential use in client homes.

1. Hanging pictures on pegs. Here, a simple above-the-bed gallery arrangement was elevated into something special by hanging the art from a series of pegs.

Ideas for hanging pictures - Image via Beneath my Heart
Image via Beneath my Heart

2. Use hooks. Simple ceiling hooks and thin lengths of chain, like the kind used to install hanging plants outdoors, were used to create a rustic photo display.

3. Layer pieces together. This idea, first appearing on Apartment Therapy, has to be the favorite. Hooks & thin lengths of rips were used to create a layered take on the gallery wall.

art hanging ideas - apartmenttherapy
Image via Apartment Therapy

4. Create a picture rail. This idea is one of the best uses of iron piping we’ve seen! Plus, a picture rail makes it super-easy to swap out your artwork.

ideas for hanging pictures - hometalk
Image via Hometalk

5. Use finials. This idea has endless style possibilities: drill decorative finials into the wall, hang pictures on a chain (we also think strips of leather would be great), and you have a beautiful, unique art display.

picture hanging ideas shanty 2 chic
Image via Shanty 2 Chic