A New Source for Art in New York City

village voice- wall art

After hanging art in New York City for more than two decades, we thought we’d seen it all. But a recent article in the Village Voice proved us wrong. The post was about a new art company, called Wall-(m)Art. The basis of  the company? They “sell” street art and graffiti, the side on the kind of buildings. By paying $100-$300, the company will put a frame around the art, along with a plaque declaring it yours. According to the Village Voice article, the company has only “sold” five pieces, including one purchased by the Voice for research for  their article. What do you think? Would you buy street art?

Besides Wall-(m)Art, a few other things that have piqued our attention from around the New York City street art world recently:

-Earlier this month we spotted a post on The New York Times about a new exhibit showcasing public art in a different way: BuskNY is producing an exhibition called “Showtime: Underground Arts,” at the Armature Art Space, which is highlighting the work of various subway artists. Besides showcasing talent, the exhibition is also meant to raise awareness about a citywide crackdown on subway performers. It sounds like a great show, and for a great cause.

-After creating a cult-like following last year, works by BANKSY seem to have lost their cache. According to the New York Post, the Brooklyn Museum recently turned down an offer for a free BANKSY painting.

Did we miss anything?