How to Hang a Triptych

A triptych is a piece of wall art that’s broken into three panels. Which means hanging it can present a set of challenges different from a regular, single panel work of art, since even the slightest misplacement while hanging can become very obvious, given that it will throw off the continuity of the piece.

We recently hung this circular triptych in the home of one of our clients. Here’s how you can recreate the look with a triptych at home.
how to hang a triptych
A few notes before we get started. First, this is much easier to do with two or three people, so don’t try it alone. Second,when you’re hanging a triptych, we recommend using sturdy hardware, like a a security bracket, so the wall art doesn’t move. If your art has wire on the back, we suggest replacing it with different hardware.

1. Arrange the art on the floor first, until you are satisfied with the placement of and spacing between each panel. We recommend at least an inch, but no more than three inches between the panels.

2. Measure the height and width of each individual panel, the space between the panels, and the height and width of the entire piece when laid out together. Record your measurements as you will need them later.3. Determine the height on the wall where you want the piece to be hung. We recommend the center of the piece lie about 60″ from the floor, which is the standard height at which galleries hang their pieces, and right around eye-level. Measure from the floor, and use a pencil to mark on the wall where the center of the piece will go.

4. Start by positioning the center piece over the pencil mark on the wall. Once you’re satisfied with the position, mark the top of the piece with a pencil.

5. Using the pencil mark as a guide (this is where a second person helps!) stretch a tape measure the width of the piece, using the measurement for all three panels you took in step 2. Line the center of the tape measure up with your pencil mark on the all. Using a level to make sure the tape measure is straight, mark a light line at either end of the tape measure so you have a guide mark for the outside edges of the piece.

6. Use chalk to draw a line across the top of the tape measure. Using your measurements from step 2 again, use the chalk to mark points on the line for the edge of each panel, the center of each panel, and the spacing between the pieces.

7. Using the marks as guides, and taking note of how far down the frame the hanging hardware is, hang the panels as you would individual pieces.
That’s it!

Want help hanging a triptych in your home? Get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help!