Amazing Grids by New York City’s Best Professional Picture Hangers

Salon walls, aka gallery walls, tend to get all the love. They’re dynamic, personal, and allow for different types and sizes of frames and objects to exist on one wall. There are many instances, though, where amazing grids are superior to the more freestyle salon wall. When you’re going for a more balanced, orderly feeling in a room, hanging frames of the same size, shape, and color in a grid arrangement is the way to go. Grid arrangements call less attention to themselves, allowing viewers to focus on the artwork. Here are some recent amazing grids created by New York City’s best professional picture hangers.

Four frames arranged in a grid formation on a bluish green wall

These four prints look great in this grid formation above a fireplace. The two recessed rectangular mirrors and the intriguing celadon wall provide a perfect foil for this amazing grid.

An amazing grid of 12 frames containing Rolling Stones album covers

Many of ILevel’s clients ask us to install themed grid installations, like this arrangement of twelve Rolling Stones album covers. The clean, consistent lines of this installation allow the viewer to focus on the content in the frames.

Three photographs of grass and trees in a grid formation

These three photographs by ILevel employee Jack Statlander look perfect in this simple grid formation. A few natural elements like a cow skull and porcupine quills on the credenza below the grid complement the subject of the photographs.

An amazing grid arrangement of 4 white rectangular frames containing fabric swatches

These frames contain cyanotypes of lace samples with sewn on lace swatches. This grid highlights an interesting contrast. The white rectangular frames bring a modern vibe, yet the content has a folk art feel.

4 prints of white and red contrasting lines in wooden frames in a grid arrangement

This four frame grid arrangement creates high impact, bringing these pieces together to look like one large statement piece. Perfect pieces for a perfect grid if I ever saw one!

To fully immerse yourself in the idea of the grid, check out photos of Chana Horwitz’s interactive grid installation.

And if you’re looking for help with a grid, a salon wall, or any other type of art installation project, give New York City’s best professional picture hangers a call at 212.477.4319 or email