A Statement Piece Installed by NYC Professional Art Handlers

ILevel recently installed this statement piece comprised of fifty-four individual photographs. This is the kind of project where a professional art handler really shines. We used ladders on the stairs for part of the installation, requiring strong teamwork for our safety. We were given a schematic as a guideline but redid the math and proportions to fit the actual dimensions of the stairway wall. And technical expertise was required for precision and accuracy. All of these skills came into play to create this stunning statement piece in our client’s home.

Statement piece installed on a stairway wall

We were given this blueprint to follow for the installation. But the wall dimensions required us to recalculate the dimensions and proportions of the piece. Fun facts: each piece is exactly 1/2 inch apart. And the small hexagonal frames form hexagons within the larger piece. How many hexagons do you see?

detail of hexagonal photographs comprising a larger statement piece

We created the design on the floor to make sure we had the measurements right before hopping on the 15 foot tall ladder. With intricate installations like this, we often lay the arrangement on the floor first.

Close up of smaller photos creating a larger statement piece

Here’s a close up of a few of the photographs. The photos feature women’s mouths, mushrooms, and the color red.

And here are the ILevel men at work. Installing this statement piece on a stairway wall increased the difficulty level of this project tenfold. We calculated stair heights, angles, and distances between frames, all while standing on the stairs, often on ladders.

Hanging statement pieces, either one large piece, or a large scale artwork comprised of many small pieces, is something ILevel does regularly. For your inspiration, here are some other great examples of statement pieces.

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