Art Trend 2014: The Statement Piece

One look at Houzz will tell you that gallery walls are a huge art trend right now. The omnipresence of this trend is reinforced to us every week, when we’re undoubtedly asked to create one for one (or ten) of our clients.

While we love a good gallery wall, we’ve also recently seen a shift toward a different, but equally bold art trend that we’re just as fond of: The statement piece. One large piece hung where dozens of smaller ones could go. In the last week alone, we’ve hung five of these super-sized art pieces in the homes of our clients. Here’s a closer look at the trend.

1. For high ceilings, a large painting like the one below is ideal, because it doesn’t get lost on the wide-open walls.
statement art piece- art trend 2014 2

2. This piece is part gallery-wall, part singular art piece. It has all the impact of a single piece, but it’s easier to hang since it’s broken into four parts.

statement art piece - art trend 2014

3. Abstract art ties in the color palette of this New York City apartment. 

4. A framed black and white photograph with a large subject makes a polished statement.
art trend hamptons
5. This heavy, intricately carved wooden piece took a long time to hang because it was broken down into smaller slats, but the result was stunning. 
difficult warped mulit panel
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