Trend We Love: Tilted Mirrors

One of our favorite ways to keep up with trends in interior design is to browse Houzz and Pinterest. A few scrolls of their homepages, and we feel like we’ve gotten an education in the latest styles.

Of course, some trends are more likely to catch our eye than others, and we’re especially fond of the ones that incorporate fresh ideas for hanging and arranging wall art and decor. The craze we’re currently loving most? Tilted mirrors. Tilting a mirror out from a wall is a great way to add an unexpected touch to a classic look. Here are a few of the best shots we’ve seen.

1. This bedroom in Elle Decor is the epitome of glamour, and the titled mirror reflects some of the room’s best features.

1a-tilted mirror
Photo via Elle Decor

2. A great spot for an angled mirror? Above a fireplace.

2a- angled mirror
Photo via Pinterest

3. Another glamorous example of a mirror above the fireplace.

Photo via
Photo via

Love the look? Check out our step-by-step tutorial for hanging a tilted wall mirror, or give us a call to hang it for you!